FutureHuman Creative is comprised of skilled marketers, designers and developers who believe at the core, successful health care enterprises have the unique ability to bring their stories to life in ways that motivate, inspire and lead people toward action.

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Bob Berra

Managing Director

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Amanda Dyer

Creative Director

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Josh Jenkins

Technology Director

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What We Stand For

Mobile First

The majority of online traffic now comes from users on mobile devices. We prioritize the mobile experience.

Form Follows Function

Form and function don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Campaigns should be designed around the needs of each unique audience.


We identify solutions that strike the right balance between user experience, performance and administrative burden.


Critical decisions shouldn’t be made based on gut feel alone. We review analytics and other available data sources to guide decision-making.

Outside In

We advocate for the user. Design and development decisions should be made based on the user experience, not internal practices.


We design with the future in mind, creating an infrastructure that can scale with the evolving needs of the organization.

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